Album: FB01
Author: Your Imaginary Friend
Publication: KZSU (source)
Date: 09/11/2006

Electronic music, very computer, blippy, but still it has some soul and ambient trippiness all over. If you cant commit I?d say its at least excellent sound-bed material.

Though this guy is almost ?old-school? his music dates itself in its dry electronic?ness, making it along the lines of new techno than old Moog ?electronic music?.

Still though, cool shit.

1) 8 seconds blip
2) sci-fi ambient, ?scary?, beat-less
3) 10 second blips
4) reverby blips and ambience
5) 9 seconds of blip
6) blippiness, dark and trippy with nice swirling drony low-end
7) 10 secs blip
8) slow electronic trippiness
9) 10 seconds
10) trippy ?spacey? stuff
11) 11 seconds blip
12) ambient tones, again another stripped down trip-out
13) 4 second near malfunction

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